Singing Lessons in Buckinghamshire


What is Vocal Coaching?

Vocal coaching is the repeated practice of learning how to best look after your voice under experienced guidance. Vocal coaching is suitable for anyone looking to better understand their voice as an instrument to allow it to develop in a safe way.


As we cannot ‘see’ our voice when we sing, in the way that we can see the notes on the piano react when we press them, a good anatomical knowledge of what is happening inside of our bodies when we sing is crucial to developing your singing ability.


Vocal coaching is not specific to the vocal chords; it encompasses a knowledge of what is happening with your soft palette and tongue, into your throat and larynx, all the way down to the muscles in your abdomen. Coaching your voice is just like coaching any other muscle - it needs to be warmed up, exercised and stretched. Muscle memory also plays a big part in vocal technique, as our body begins to learn the correct way to function on each inhale in order to best support your voice and begins to perform this technique instinctively.

What can you teach me?

I can teach you how to better understand your voice using very simple techniques to introduce into your singing practice.


These techniques can be learned and applied by anyone, at any age, at any stage of their singing ability. It is always good to make an early start to develop healthy singing practice to avoid developing bad habits which can take long lengths of time to train our bodies to unlearn. Equally, I can help you to revert bad habits and falsely learned techniques, picking apart subtleties in your performance that you may not even notice (such as tension). Regardless of your current struggles and understanding of singing technique, I will be able to help you make safe, sustainable vocal progress.