Zoe Mace Singer
Zoe Mace Singer Singing Teacher

Steve White 

Big Boy Studios | Owner

Zoë possesses a very rare combination of a wonderful demeanour, a charming stage presence and an ability to conjure up captivating performances, in any and every musical setting.


Anyone who has heard Zoë sing will already know she is a truly talented music artist with incredible delivery. Anyone who has yet to hear Zoë perform is in for a real treat when they do.


Working with Zoë is an absolute joy every single time, and the results are always first class.

Ben Heaney

Deltaviolin | Director

I first met Zoë as her music teacher when she was eight years old. I commented that she could take up any musical instrument and do very well. Zoë chose to use her voice.

I was invited to accompany her for a performance of 'O Mio Babbino Caro' - Zoë was 9. The experience blew me away. Zoë sang with brilliance and clarity and with a control of pitch, 

dynamics and tone that stunned me.

It's a thrill and privilege to work with Zoë. Fifteen years on, her voice has only improved; she remains steadfastly herself in everything she does.

Kate Billimore

Great Milton Singers | Musical Director

It was lovely to feel we were in a safe pair of hands with Zoë's beautiful solos.


Zoë’s solos, and her delightful duets with Andrew (Chim) lit up the concert, leaving the audience hungry for more. I hope she'll be back. We will certainly be inviting her!