Christmas is JUST around the corner... What better gift to someone you love than to unlock their singing potential?!


I teach students of all ages and abilities in everything from Pop to Musical Theatre, Classical to Folk. 


My singing lessons are all aimed at having fun, enjoying using your voice and learning how to get the most out of your instrument while singing the songs that you love!


Buying singing lessons as a gift is a wonderful way to get someone started, or reignite their passion, for their singing journey!


Gifted singing lessons can be taken either online via Zoom, or in-person from my private studio in Thame, Oxfordshire, or a mixture of both!


The best thing about having the option for online lessons is you can gift the lessons to ANYONE, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD!



To buy a Singing Lessons Gift Voucher, please get in touch specifying:

  • Who the gift is from (you!)
  • How many lessons you would like to gift (prices and discounts below)
  • Who the gift is for (the person taking the lessons!)


I will then send you a personalised e-voucher to either print or e-mail to your gift reciever!


Prices and Discounts

£35 = 1 hour-long lesson

£100 = 3 hour-long lessons (save 5%)

£160 = 5 hour-long lessons (save 7.5%)

£315 = 10 hour-long lessons (save 10% - one lesson FREE!)


Terms and Conditions

  • All gift vouchers have one year validity from the date of activation (e.g. if purchased for a Christmas present, gift voucher will be valid from 25.12.20 to 25.12.21). Please specifiy your chosen activation date at the time of purchase.
  • Those taking the lessons must adhere to my Student Agreement Policy, which will be sent to them to sign ahead of their first lesson. If the student is under 18, this must be signed by a parent/guardian.
  • The voucher must only be used by the recipient of the gift voucher.
  • All gift vouchers must be purchased in full at the time of purchase.

Gift Voucher: ONE Singing Lesson (One Hour)