If you're interested in beginning your singing journey with me but not quite ready to give lessons a go, why not try out my FREE Singing Starter Pack?


Suitable for all ages and abilities, this pack works you through the beginning stages of getting set up to sing, covering all basis from:

  • Breath work
  • Posture
  • SOVT Exercises
  • Vocal Placements
  • Vowel Placements 


With two additional handy guides, How To Use Your Singing Starter Pack, and, Vocal Warm Up Guide, to make sure you are getitng the most out of your practice! 


Once you have worked your way through this pack, make a note of your practice on my FREE Practice Journal, downloadable from the Shop page!


Why not try extending your practice further with my FREE Vocal Warm Up Pack, also downloadable from the Shop page, with vocal warm up and cool down exercises with over 36 variations!

FREE Singing Starter Pack