Should I Consider LAMDA Exams?

LAMDA examinations work in a similar manner to how graded music exams work; you prepare set pieces, you develop and strengthen your performance skills and technique, with the end goal of performing in front of an examiner to progress on to the next, higher grade. Different LAMDA exams require different preparations (whether you are interested in Musical Theatre, Acting, Public Speaking… there are lots of choices!) but they all work towards the common goal of making you a better, more confident performer.

Read below to see the key reasons why I recommend LAMDA examinations to my acting students, and feel free to get in touch to see how I can help you achieve your acting ambitions.

1. Give Yourself a Goal

LAMDA examinations can first and foremost give actors and performers goals to work towards. I often have students come to me who have left youth drama groups, who do not have extracurricular time to commit to school plays, who are at university and miss drama from school, or who are simply unmotivated in their performance training due to having no upcoming performances to work towards. Having a LAMDA exam in the diary can give you a purpose in your acting training, with a timescale to achieve your goals by, and a report to reflect on how effectively you worked to achieve those goals.

2. Develop Your Ability

By committing yourself to preparing for a public graded examination, you are committing yourself to regular training and practice. Regular practice, with good teaching guidance of what to practice and how to practice it, will positively reflect on your overall performing abilities. You will find you develop skills in many more areas than performance alone, including text analysis, character development and vocal technique, as well as more transferable skills, noted in the point below.

3. Learn Vital, Transferable Skills

LAMDA exams require you to develop skills that will benefit you in all aspects of life. In order to complete the exams successfully, you will be required to explore and improve your ability in projecting your voice, having clear, understandable diction, having good spatial awareness on stage, and presenting yourself with an air of confidence (even if you are feeling nervous). All LAMDA lessons and exams prepare you on these and other elements which will come in use for future careers, public speaking events, job interviews, and even day-to-day social situations.

4. Add Some UCAS Points!

Due to the preparation required to complete the higher LAMDA grades, some of the exams contribute towards your UCAS Points, meaning they are a great option to work up towards throughout school and into sixth form. As well as potentially opening up more university options, LAMDA lessons are often seen as a much needed, productive escapism during stressful exam and coursework preparations.

5. Work Collaboratively

With most of the LAMDA examinations, there is the option to enter as a solo, duo or group entry. If the thought of preparing for a solo acting exam is a bit daunting to start off with, why not ease yourself into the process and try working with others first? Duo exams give you the benefit of having someone else’s energy to bounce off of in both rehearsals and performance, someone to regularly practise with, and someone to share the nerves with on exam day! You can always give solo exams a go further down the line.

If you would like to know any more about the LAMDA training I offer and the options you can consider for LAMDA examinations, please get in touch.