Things to Do During Coronavirus Quarantine: Online Singing Lessons

In light of the current situation in the world, I have sought out the best way possible to continue teaching through running lessons online. There are long days ahead for all of us, and rather than regressing on progress made in your performing ability, what better way to continue developing your skills, or starting to learn new ones, than through online lessons in the comfort of your home.

What Lessons Am I Offering?

I will be continuing to offer singing lessons online. These will largely take the form of an in-person lesson, with a few tweaks to overcome the limitations of technology (trying to play long to an accompaniment that lags through the connection is no fun for anyone!). The lessons will focus on developing your singing technique through exercises and scales, and applying these techniques to songs we will choose together to suit your ability, preferences and goals. Music is great for the mind and soul, and short, regular sessions of singing can have a real positive impact on your mood in this difficult time. By using the platform Zoom, it is easy to share sheet music, documents, videos and good quality audio and video footage of each other.

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In addition, I am also able to offer lessons on Songwriting Technique, Music Production for Theatre, Line-Learning and Tackling Stage Nerves. Click on any of these topics to read more about my experience in these fields and how I can help you.

How Are The Lessons Taught?

The thought of learning to sing online can seem a bit futuristic and unrealistic. However, online platforms are more accessible than ever and actually allow us to instantly share documents, audio and video clips for learning purposes with ease. There is also the added bonus of being able to record your lesson, so you can recap on what you have learned, the exercises used and useful pointers that you may have missed during the initial lesson. Simply get in touch to book in for an agreed time slot, log on to the platform at the agreed time, and I will take care of the rest!

What Are The Benefits?

Besides being recordable, other benefits of online lessons include having no travel requirements - we simply both need to be logged online at an agreed time in a space with enough room to stand and move a little. The added benefit of no travel for either party means greater flexibility in when you would like your session to run.

With the increased amount of free time we will all have other the upcoming months, online singing lessons also have the benefit of allowing you to develop your skills in areas that you may not have considered before. Perhaps you have always wanted to learn how to sing a song by your favourite artist, or overcome your performance anxiety, or continue where you left off with your singing journey when time used to be restricted.

Regardless of your reason for wanting to continue or begin lessons, online lessons offer a safe way of keeping busy, developing skills and enjoying your extra free hours during this uncertain time.

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