How Much Are Singing Lessons?

While this is a straightforward answer, it is worth considering what is really included in the price of a singing lesson, and how teachers come to decide on their hourly rate. Read on to consider the array of factors at play when it comes to the cost of singing lessons.

Paying for Knowledge

The skill and expertise that you receive from your teacher in an hour’s lesson should be reflective of the years of training, studying, performing and research that they have undergone to ensure that the service you receive is of the highest standard. On top of 16 years of professional performing and recording, I furthered my vocal study at the Royal Academy of Music alongside my Music degree studies at King’s College London, and my performance knowledge in my Masters degree in Text and Performance at RADA (Royal Academy of Dramatic Art). I am also a member of the Association of Teachers of Singing and the Incorporated Society of Musicians, and ensure I keep up my own learning of the ever-evolving science behind vocal technique to best equip my own students in their knowledge and practice. 

Paying for Experience

It is worth comparing your singing lesson to any other one-on-one service you may receive (a personal training session, a beauty treatment, counselling, etc.). You are not just paying for that hour of time - you are paying for years of honing a craft. Like any other industry, it is common to assume that a higher price reflects a higher quality of service. In the lessons I offer, I aim to strike a balance between affordable, appealing lesson prices whilst ensuring you or your child receives friendly, clear and enjoyable lessons that will allow them to progress quickly and safely. Having begun my singing career at such a young age, I have learned from my own experiences what works (and what does not!) when it comes to song selection, practice regimes, and overall lesson enjoyment to ensure younger students stay engaged and genuinely look forward to their lessons.

Paying For Development

Whilst a regular, weekly singing lesson may seem like a considerable financial investment, there is much more to your lessons than just improving your vocal ability. A weekly singing lesson can provide a creative outlet that is entirely dedicated to you and your goals; whether you want to master a particular song, extend your range, or simply enjoy having an hour totally dedicated to you and your vocal progression, an hour’s singing lesson a week is a fun, rewarding investment in your own self development. Other benefits from weekly singing lessons include improving your confidence, and giving both your brain and your body a workout; singing requires your entire body to work, both mentally and physically. It is also a great way to socialise, meet up and collaborate with other singers and musicians, and gain performing experience if you wish; I hold yearly concerts for my students to perform pieces that they have been working on in a supportive, friendly atmosphere.

In short, singing lessons really are priceless! The cost of singing lessons can vary considerably depending on the length of lesson, how often you have them, the distance that your teacher has travelled to teach your lesson, and how much experience and training your prospective singing teacher has had. If you have the right teacher, who knows their craft inside-out, and ensures that every lesson is enjoyable, challenging and fulfilling for you, then that is an investment worth making. 

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